The Wisdom of the Garden Path Oracle Deck

$ 30 CAD

Contactless pick up at no extra charge can be accomplished if you are able to visit the Vanier area of Ottawa.

Postage and delivery charges are additional, and can be purchased below.

Please purchase the correct postage for your location.

Please include the mailing address in the instructions part of your order.


Activate Your Deck. Special Add-On

$ 20 CAD

For purchasers of the Wisdom of the Garden Path Oracle Card deck, this is a twenty minute live session with Jo, to learn more about the cards, using them, laying them out, and reading the messages they carry.


Postage and Handling. Canada

$ 5.50 CAD


Postage and Handling USA

$ 14.00 CAD

Alaska and Hawaii please contact for specific rates

Postage and Handling UK

$ 20.00 CAD

Buyer Reviews: 
I have been sitting with them, handling them, looking at them all day today and I am so glad to have them. They feel good and they are so beautiful to look at.
I really like the bag the cards live in. So much more sensible than the boxes such sets usually come in. 
I like the 'instruction sheet' that came with the cards. It is a helpful reminder. I appreciate the colour coding, layout suggestions and links for more information. It all just feels so elegant and true. 
MH Southern Ontario.

Hey Jo,
[my friend] loves the cards too and is thinking of maybe getting some too for her friends ❤
We will keep you posted 😁
BTW I like your interpretations of the cards and numbers on your website... really well written!

CL near Ottawa, Ontario